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Chinese medical equipment sterilization packaging status and related considerations (2)

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【Abstract】 MDSP international market situation. Take a look at the world-wide MDSP industry market capacity and distribution. According to estimates, in 2003 the global MDSP market sales of 1.65 billion US dollars, the specific distribution of Figure 1. As can be seen from Figure 1, the North American market is the world's largest MDSP market, with sales of 800 million US dollars, accounting for half of the global MDSP market; European and Asian markets
International Market Status of
Take a look at the world-wide MDSP industry market capacity and distribution. According to estimates of digital printing, 2003 global MDSP market sales of 1.65 billion US dollars, the specific distribution of Figure 1. Figure 1 shows that the North American market is the world's largest MDSP market, with sales of 800 million US dollars, accounting for half of the global MDSP market; European and Asian markets are almost equally divided pre-press technology, each about 20% market share, South America The market accounted for 8%. While Africa is weak because of the medical industry, and therefore can not reflect the market share. Commercial printing
Status information: As in most industries, the most powerful country in the MDSP area remains the United States. This powerful strength includes upstream strong raw material and plastic resin suppliers, midstream powerful MDSP PSBS product manufacturers and downstream more powerful medical device manufacturers processes, as well as a strong supporting technology and information services such as ASTM, ISO, AAMI and FDA and other standards and regulatory agencies. Based on this fact, the introduction of the global MDSP market is basically to introduce the status quo of the United States.
Of course, in addition to the United States, Europe and Australia also have a good MDSP PSBS suppliers and related mechanical equipment manufacturers financial crisis, especially in Germany FFS equipment manufacturers and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, but in the European MDSP market performance is very good Of Amcor. In addition, the EU regulations also earlier and more perfect in the content of the MDSP, such as in 1997 on the promulgation of the general nature of medical equipment sterilization packaging rules EN868-1.
US MDSP industry situation
The following look at the US MDSP industry, the basic situation. There are now two specialized agencies in the United States, both non-governmental organizations (MDSPs), and the US Food and Packaging Association (FPA), an industry regulation for the SPC Council (Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council), an organization- Although it was established as early as 1994 (when there was no MDSP initiative in China), there were only eight members, Alcan, Amcor, Beacon Convertors, Oliver, Bemis Perfecseal, Rollprint, Technipaq And Tolas. The author and in addition to Beacon and Technipaq outside the six companies are linked, and did not contact the two companies small print education, there is no strength to enter the Chinese market, which is sufficient to explain from the side of the industry is not too many competitors Of the post-joiners who do not have the technical or cost advantages, will face the outcome of being eliminated. CTP
Among the eight companies mentioned above, Tolas is a CTF that emerged from the soft and conservative Bemis Company of America, one of the US soft-packing giants more than 30 years ago, so that the product line is very homogeneous, Performance is very close to the Bemis company responsible for the MDSP business Perfecseal brand products, such as rubber Tyvek and derived as the main type of bags, rolls and plastic box packaging cover (Tray Lid) and so on. The latest news from Tolas is that Tolas was acquired by another packaging company, Oracle Packaging, in December 2006, but this acquisition is only a means of integrating Oracle's expansion into new areas of the packaging market, while Tolas Will continue as before, located in the MDSP area, but found a good partner as a capital support and product complementarity of the object. In addition, the Tolas market has so far been limited to the North American region, so the acquisition of the US domestic MDSP market competition will not have any impact.
Another noteworthy company is the Rollprint standard and certification, which dates back to 1933. The old American flexible packaging company was originally started by printing, its strengths have been concentrated in the printing, film production and R & D system Bags and other fields, but in 1969, when one of the head bag (Header Bag) patent approval when the regional coverage, MDSP as one of its major markets. In September 2005, Rollprint and others formed a joint venture in Singapore called Alliants a flexible packaging business, mainly for the Asia Pacific market, but not a large-scale involvement in the field of MDSP. In addition, Rollprint company in recent years in the United States Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) of the annual selection also often gains in KBA, but unfortunately, there is no on MDSP products. Restructuring
Another MDSP-related organization in the United States is the Medical Packaging Committee (MDPC) of the American Packaging Professionals Consortium (IoPP). John Spitzley, a former Medtronic executive responsible for packaging, and Curt Larsen, a senior consultant from DuPont, were co-chairs of the committee. Of course, since IoPP is a nongovernmental organization and operates on a profit-oriented business model, Co-Chair is the industry's recommended metal packaging for voluntary applications, which guarantees the technical authority of the people in the MDSP field And work initiative.
Here again IoPP introduce the basic situation. IoPP is a relatively loose organization organized by the packaging practitioners themselves, mainly for the industry to better share and communicate all kinds of technical and business information. Of course, IoPP also organizes a number of seminars on packaging, and provides professional training courses, through which people can be recognized by their "Certified Packaging Professionals (Certified Certified Professionals, CPP)" certification. The number of practitioners in the packaging is relatively large number of positions and functions of the United States Manroland quite standardized, the number of the certification is not too much in North America outside the region probably less than 10 people passed the certification.
This is not to say that CPP certification is difficult, but by the packaging industry, the status quo of the decision. The latest data show that in 2006, there are about 6000 IoPP members, of which about 1,500 CPP members. In the United States outside the industry regulations, Canada has 142 IoPP members, the rest of the world and a total of less than 100 IoPP members, including two members of the Mainland of China (the author is one of them) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 6 members. Yachang
In fact, the number of employees in the packaging industry in China has far exceeded the number of printing accessories in the United States, but it was not until 2005 that the National Labor Department will introduce the first professional qualification certificate on packaging - packaging Engineers' Professional Qualification. From this point can be explained on the domestic packaging industry professional function definition and planning is very unclear, also led to the domestic packaging industry, although many practitioners, but can not be established as IoPP relatively loose type of professional Union .
IoPP's Medical Devices Packaging Council also administers six task-specific working groups on sterilization packaging system integrity, packaging material specifications, labeling, industry benchmarking, material databases, industry standards and legal Regulatory Affairs. In addition to the current head of Working Group 5 vacancies, some people need to voluntarily apply for external media, the other working group leaders are small to come here is no longer described in detail.
Market Development Trend of
Although the size of the North American MDSP market is not great, but gathered the current industry's most well-known several large companies, but also the company's own technology and product innovation to show their arena. In recent years, the MDSP upstream industry - the medical device manufacturing industry continue to low operating costs, labor-rich Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions of the transfer of food packaging, especially in Asia, China, led the industry in Europe and the United States have come to large companies China to set up offices and even production bases, such as Bemis, Amcor, Alcan, Wipak, Prent (the United States first-class high-end plastic box suppliers, some markets in the medical device) and the upcoming Oliver. I have turned projects from the United States, Mexico, and Ireland, where e-commerce and high-end customers stubbornly demand the same materials or products that they have been using for many years in the country of origin, , Low-end customers may give some room for change, but also very carefully asked to do the necessary verification work. Lithographic printing
At present, foreign MDSP on the development trend of two main points: First, the use of high-tech manufacturing to rely on functional materials to achieve some special sterilization packaging and protection requirements Kodak, such as the use of certain special functional coatings and films Etc .; Second, from the perspective of ease of use of consumers, for some non-technical innovative design, which often give consumers or users with an unexpected experience, it is very willing to accept, such as convenient opening design , Color transfer interface design of the color. Another design, if the use of RFID tags as one of the innovative technology, though not too much, but the RFID tags, after all, is mainly for the circulation of services, if the medical device products through the circulation of less, or customer base More fixed printing detection, the general label is also fully applicable.
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