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CLEANPRO ANHUI CLEANPRO PHARMPACK CO, LTDis established in year 2018, specialize in producing ultra clean sterilization packaging material for pharmaceutical use.
Although our company is young, but the investor and team have been engaged in area of sterilization packaging material for almost 20 years, we are rich in experience. In order to meet the high requirement of cleanliness for pharmaceutical area, we equipped with class A+C clean workshop. Everything is designed and proceeded according to GMP standard, including plant design, environment control, equipment control, personnel training etc.
Our main product is Tyvek Ultraclean Steam Bag. We have very strict control from purchasing of raw material, production process and finished products according ISO 15378, so as to offer best products and best service for our customers.
It is made with HDPE film and Dupont uncoated Tyvek®, used to transfer sterilized injectable products and single use medical device, to protect and remain the rubber plug, vial
And syringes clean, extend the storage time, and guarantee the sterility during transport.
● HDPE film is produced in 100 class cleanroom, can reach 200 class cleanliness,comply with NASA clean standard.
● HDPE film can be easily heat-sealed.
● Imprinted with STEAM indicator and can be sterilized under 125℃.
● Also available for EO and Gamma sterilization.
● Much higher cleanliness than normal medial paper and unwashed Tyvek® Paper.
● Can save the sterilization cycle time with uncoated Tyvek® paper.
● Lower absorbance of ethylene oxide than normal medical paper;
● Offer cleanliness testing report for each lot.
● Only 100pcs per back with clean double packing.