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How is the medical gauze block made?

1. Medical gauze is mainly made of bamboo charcoal fiber materials. The fresh bamboo is fumigated, pre dried, pre carbonized, carbonized, calcined and spray crushed into nano bamboo charcoal powder. Then mix the bamboo charcoal powder into polyester or adhesive and stir. 2. Pull out long filaments containing bamboo charcoal powder through a wire drawing device to prepare bamboo charcoal fibers. Bamboo charcoal fibers are woven into gauze. Fold the entire gauze in half to obtain medical gauze. 3. Then, according to different needs, the cutting process is carried out, and after the cutting is completed, disinfection process is also carried out to obtain medical gauze blocks or medical gauze bandages that we use daily.

How to handle expired medical masks?

The quality requirements for medical masks are relatively high. They are composed of two parts: a mask face and a tension band. The face of the mask can be divided into three layers: inner and outer. The inner layer is made of ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven fabric, the middle layer is made of ultra-fine polypropylene fiber meltblown material layer, and the outer layer is made of non-woven fabric or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material layer. The outer layer has anti droplet design, the middle layer is filtered, the inner layer is moisture absorbing, and the mask is made of non-woven fabric material. This type of mask is mainly used to protect doctors from droplets and splashes. Its particle filtration rate is only greater than 30%, and its bacterial filtration rate can reach over 95%. This three-layer configuration ensures excellent filtration of small viruses and non-toxic materials, making it an excellent medical protective mask.

What should I pay attention to before using a medical gauze pad?

1. The medical gauze pad is sterilized with ethylene oxide, and the sterilization time is two years; 2. If it is found that the packaging bag of the medical gauze pad is damaged without reason before use, it is prohibited to use it for the sake of the patient's wound; 3. Used medical gauze pads should be placed in designated places according to regulations and uniformly destroyed; 4. Before use, it is important to clearly check the production date, expiration date, and certificate of conformity on the packaging bag.

What are the methods for making medical gauze blocks?

Medical gauze blocks are mainly made of bamboo charcoal fiber materials. First, fresh bamboo is smoked and pre dried, dried, pre carbonized, carbonized, calcined, spray, and crushed to produce nanometer bamboo charcoal powder. Then, bamboo charcoal powder is mixed into polyester or viscose and stirred. Through the wire drawing equipment, the filament containing bamboo charcoal powder is extracted to produce bamboo charcoal fiber, and then bamboo charcoal fiber is spun to obtain gauze, Fold the entire piece of gauze in half to obtain the medical gauze block.

Are medical gauze blocks and household gauze blocks the same thing?

Gauze blocks should be daily necessities, while medical gauze blocks should be medical supplies and undergo special disinfection. Fine yarn can be bought at the place where cloth is sold. However, the main use of medical gauze blocks is for surgery and wound cleaning. In hospitals, surgical procedures will be frequently used, and some pharmacies also sell them. When choosing medical dressings for trauma, we must pay more attention. Do not use non medical supplies for dressing exposed wounds, nor do we use substandard products. After all, if a child's wound infection or even more serious problems are caused by the negligence of parents themselves, it will not be worth the loss.

How can inspection gloves prevent perforation and damage?

Examination gloves can effectively isolate medical contamination and prevent cross infection between doctors and patients, and have become essential medical supplies for hospitals. In clinical practice, especially in surgery with a risk of infection, medical staff are particularly concerned about the damage or perforation of medical gloves, which is a common problem during surgery, especially in orthopedics and plastic surgery. There are many factors that can cause glove holes or perforations, such as instrument damage, bone tissue puncture, and decreased glove strength. Large areas of holes are easy to detect, while small areas of holes are often difficult to detect, and the risk of cross infection is invisible. Therefore, it is necessary to perform puncture tolerance pre testing on medical gloves. The puncture resistance of the inspection gloves is good, while the puncture resistance of the 3 # inspection gloves is poor. It is easy to cause perforation damage when encountering sharp objects such as Kirschner needles and ligation wires during use.
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