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steam sterilization indicator label roll



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Product Description

Product Describtion:
1.Professional-customized design, facilitates tracking system
2.Autoclave intended special adhesive strong adhesion and no adhesive residual
3.Lead free formulation
4.Comply with: ISO 11140-1:2005

Using instruction
1.Where to use: Pasted on the outer surface of medical packs, used to indicate that the medical pack has been exposed in steam sterilization process.
2.Consists : consist of an adhesive label paper, backing, and chemical indicator ink.
3.Advantage: 1)The adhesive is an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive
2)The adhesive is designed to adhesive to adhere to a variety of wraps, inslucing woven, treated woven, non-woven, paper and paper/plastic wraps to stick on the pack during steam sterilization.
3)The label can record six sterilization information and also works for professional customization according to customer needs.

Packing & Delivery
Packing Details:500 pcs/ROLLS (400pcs/600pcs adjust according to the size)
Delivery Detail: Within 15-20 days after deposit

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